Some call me Shazz.
20. Skank Nation, Indiana. Chicago bound.
Lane Life. Music. Disney.
I'm the happiest princess in all the land.

And one day I'll change the world. You can hold me to that.


Ever since yesterday afternoon I’ve just been sad… For no reason at all. I just want to lay here and cry for a while. I’m not sure what’s going on in my head, but I don’t want to let myself to back to the person I was before… I can’t allow anxiety and insecurities to run my life anymore. I just don’t know how to keep that from happening now. Sometimes I just need someone to listen. But the only person I want I hear me always has 10 other things running through his head. Can’t concentrate in one thing. And I talk too much…. He says… Which may hold true but the things coming out of my mouth are important to me or I wouldn’t say them… So I’ll just cry and get it out that way instead.

The past few days I’ve realized exactly how much work I need to do in order to be taken seriously in the bowling world. Even though I hate the drama and my life outside of bowling doesnt really fit in, I know that this is where I belong. People say that the thing that makes you the happiest, can also make you the saddest and thats exactly what bowling is for me. I really believe I’m more focused on my game than ever before. This picture was taken towards the end of last season. I remember feeling so good… every shot was so smooth… that feeling is gone now. its only july but its time to start getting dedicated. there really is no off season so its time to get back to this. no matter how much i have to sacrifice, i WILL be taken seriously and I WILL prove myself. Welcome to my life<3

remember that time I had 2 jobs and I’m still broke? like how does that happen? 

My boyfriend is literally so attractive:) he’s my most favorite person on the planet. We’re so disgustingly in love. And I love it:)

Okay I’m done now.

Well guys, Misty’s going to the movies sooo who’s going to talk to me about PLL tonight during the commercials? Who am I kidding I have no friends:(  

For a very long time I had given up on love. I just didn’t think I’d ever find it again. But here it is. and for the very first time, I’m not afraid of it. its just so different this time. Its so soon but its so perfect! and there’s not a doubt in my mind. not one:)

Some people never change. They just pretend.